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We Are Friends Foundation

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    What We Believe

    Our Values

    The Board and team members of the Foundation adhere to the following set of core values:

    Integrity and High Standard of Conduct

    The Board and our team members will be open and honest with one another, the stakeholders and the community. We strive to conduct our work in the spirit of transparency and fairness. We pledge to operate with the highest standards of conduct and ethics.

    Respect for All People and Cultures

    The Board and our team members will demonstrate graciousness and respect to all people in all their work on behalf of the Foundation. They will show respect for diverse cultures and backgrounds of our program participants.

    Belief in Individual Leadership

    The Board and our team members will provide and promote an environment of trust and flexibility that engenders and rewards the best ideas and efforts.

    High Impact Through Collaboration

    The Board and our team members will strive to maximize the impact from limited resources available in accomplishing our goals. We endeavor to achieve greater impact by working with others in collaborative fashion.

    Commitment to Effectiveness

    The Board and our team members will identify unique and strategic opportunities to make a difference. Through objective evaluations and timely feedback, they will evaluate their value contribution, assess program effectiveness and change strategies to achieve highest level of effectiveness and performance goals. The Foundation will maintain a long-term perspective and commitment in attaining superior results.

    Proclivity to Think Big and Innovate

    The Board and our team members will be receptive to big picture views and new ideas, even if long term horizon is required, that have the potential for unique value creation and lasting contribution. We promote creative thinking and innovative solutions in accomplishing our mission. We are prepared to embrace risk and learn from failure.

    Our Focus

    Our foundation’s emphasis is on working with people from around the world in developing global friends and future leaders. We focus on providing a variety of programs that is designed to impart engaging and learning experience to better prepare the next generations of global citizens. The Foundation aims to address the following areas in an integrated fashion:

    Fundamentals of Democratic Values

    • Ideals and principles of democracy

    • Freedom and accountability

    • Justice and playing by the rule

    • Human rights and equal opportunity

    • Democracy in play and demonstrated

    Free Market Economy and Economic Systems

    • Foundation of free market economy

    • Economic systems of capitalism

    • Value and wealth creation

    • Free competition

    • Corruption and anti-competitive behaviors

    Technology and Globalization

    • Innovation

    • Pioneering spirit

    • Technology’s impact to life quality

    • Internet and globalization

    Social Progress

    • Population and poverty

    • Health and wellness

    • Education and learning

    • Community development

    Sustainability and Conservation

    • Sustainable ecosystems

    • Green initiatives and conservation

    • Resiliency of environment and planet

    Culture and Friendship

    • Cultural exchange

    • Music and entertainment

    • Sports

    Special Projects

    • Respond to unexpected opportunities with flexibility

    • Address emerging issues of significance with promptness

    • Participate in initiatives that have potential to become part of the Foundation’s strategy

    Our Strategy


    Provide multifaceted programs that achieve the Foundation’s mission in a friendly, exciting and fun environment for the participating people. The Foundation also collaborates with external organizations in partnership to offer broad and comprehensive programs to benefit participants.

    Targeted Participants

    • Students of all ages (ranging from Primary School to Graduate School to Lifelong Continuing Education)

    • Open to students from every country in the world


    • First-hand experience through cultural immersion

    • Training and mentoring by respected experts and leaders in their fields

    • Mutual friendship development through experiencing and/or living together

    • Close interactions with leaders, sports champions, and celebrities

    • Collaboration with partner and affiliate organizations

    Desired Outcomes

    • Making mutual friends with shared values

    • Connecting of the future leaders with global awareness

    • Becoming personal ambassadors of the Foundation’s work

    • Joining the circle of the Foundation’s friends: future participants, volunteers, associates and/or partners

    What We’re Learning

    We seek a better world that is peaceful and free from terrorism and exploitation of human rights. We are hopeful of the better future that is shaped based on shared values of democratic ideals and principles. We anticipate the progress in free market economy and technology to have significant impact in uplifting the quality of life for the better.

    Our hypothesis is that the generations of future leaders who have shared democratic values as well as forged mutual friendship are able to shape the future for the better. Trained to develop keen awareness of global context and with innate sensitivity toward the needs of their fellow citizens, they are better prepared to develop creative and innovative solutions for future societies.

    The Foundation will provide reports on the progress of our work and lessons learned periodically.

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