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We Are Friends Foundation

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    Peace, Harmony, Progress, Friendship

    We Are Friends Foundation is dedicated to promoting American Values to foreign nations and the international cyberspace community. At our core, we're focused on promoting truthful information and advocating personal freedom around the world.

    Instilling American Values
    Across International Barriers

    We believe that in empowering young generations of global citizens, we help build the foundation for more democratic and ethical future leaders. It’s also important to understand how important the US Military is to the protection of personal freedom across the globe.

    We partner with corporate entities and non-profit affiliates to promote American values and interests across the world.

    We Are Friends Foundation

    An Advocate for Democracy & American Values

    We live in a global world. As the traditional borders collapse and people of different cultures have opportunities to interact, we see friendship will be a catalyst to strengthen those interconnected ties for future generations. We seek to promote friendship and share the values and system of democracy, justice, freedom, and pioneering spirit among global citizens. We are hopeful that friends who share such beliefs, as well as common awareness in the global context, are better prepared to become effective and active forces in leading initiatives that have a positive transformational impact.

    In today's global dialogue, it's more critical than ever to prevent the spread of authoritarian propaganda and misinformation. We believe that personal freedom is a universal human right and our greatest deterrent to political disruption abroad.

    Join the movement by volunteering your time and abilities to our cause, or donate to strengthen our mission and promote US values abroad.

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    Freedom of information, public diplomacy, and US values are critical for creating open, inclusive, just, and democratic societies across the globe.

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