The Board and team members of the Foundation adhere to the following set of core values:

Integrity and High Standard of Conduct

The Board and our team members will be open and honest with one another, the stakeholders and the community. We strive to conduct our work in the spirit of transparency and fairness. We pledge to operate with the highest standards of conduct and ethics.

Respect for All People and Cultures

The Board and our team members will demonstrate graciousness and respect to all people in all their work on behalf of the Foundation. They will show respect for diverse cultures and backgrounds of our program participants.

Belief in Individual Leadership

The Board and our team members will provide and promote an environment of trust and flexibility that engenders and rewards the best ideas and efforts.

High Impact Through Collaboration

The Board and our team members will strive to maximize the impact from limited resources available in accomplishing our goals. We endeavor to achieve greater impact by working with others in collaborative fashion.

Commitment to Effectiveness

The Board and our team members will identify unique and strategic opportunities to make a difference. Through objective evaluations and timely feedback, they will evaluate their value contribution, assess program effectiveness and change strategies to achieve highest level of effectiveness and performance goals. The Foundation will maintain a long-term perspective and commitment in attaining superior results.

Proclivity to Think Big and Innovate

The Board and our team members will be receptive to big picture views and new ideas, even if long term horizon is required, that have the potential for unique value creation and lasting contribution. We promote creative thinking and innovative solutions in accomplishing our mission. We are prepared to embrace risk and learn from failure.