We live in a global world. As the traditional borders collapse and people of different cultures have opportunities to interact, we see friendship will be a catalyst to strengthen those interconnected ties for future generations. We seek to promote friendship and share the values and system of democracy, justice, freedom, and pioneering spirit among global citizens. We are hopeful that friends who share such beliefs, as well as common awareness in the global context, are better prepared to become effective and active forces in leading initiatives that have positive transformational impact.

Our Vision

We believe that friendship connects and engages people to transcend cultural and national boundaries. The connecting power of friendship is quintessential for creating open, inclusive, just and democratic societies.

Our Mission

To make friends globally who:

  • Embody democratic values and principles
  • Promote social peace
  • Advocate harmony among diverse cultures
  • Advance the progress in life quality
  • Nurture mutual friendship

Our Aspiration

We aspire to be an active agent in fostering democratic values and spirits. We seek to inspire, empower and engage people to become global citizens and friends that create:

  • Better world
  • Better future
  • Better life